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Compact Embedded XL


Delamination test apparatus Compact Embedded XL (eQCE-XL)

Delamination appliance for glue lines acc. EN 14080/391/302, JAS, ASTM, AS/NZS and AITC etc.

New developed variant Compact Embedded apparatus with double drying capacity.
XL variant fulfil so drying capacity needs of large laboratories, however without the disadvantages of the standard dryer in chest form.
Drying in a large, full loaded chest dryer with 1200 mm air-way through test samples, can’t be operated  according requirements of test standards.
Most of existing standards requires air humidity accuracy of +/-1{3be68b886dbe856c2676b28d1c17cb3a2c15095120b3092739122bcc8f18fb4d} RH. It is physically in large chest dryer impossible.
This problem solves now new version eQCE-XL and combine advantage of the Compact Embedded apparatus and at the same time large drying volume.


As a special feature each half can operated with different climate.

Further the apparatus is still much more compact than the chest dryer, despite double dryer cabinet.

Once again delamination test new developed
  • Compact design with double front-door
  • Full-automatic incl. vessel control
  • Charting and Datalogging
    • Vacuum / pressure
    • Fill level vessel
    • Temperature and air humidity
    • Air speed
  • Air speed stepless adjustable
  • Extremely silent and energy-saving
  • Remote diagnosis via internet
  • Tests according EN 14080 / 302 / 391, JAS 235, ASTM D 2559, AS/NZS 1428, AITC T110
    and freely programmable
  • Cost-efficient

Delamination apparatus for testing of glueline integrity. Watering of samples
in pressure- / vacuum- vessel. Drying in dehydration cabinet with air circulation and PC-climate-control and the optional possibility to operate different climates in each dryer half. The ratio of length of cracked glue line to total length is an indicator for the quality and integrity of the gluing and must not overstep specified limits.

Vacuum- / pressure- vessel

Vessel, made from special steel with dome cover (autoclave), pump and control system. The samples were inlayed into autoclave, automatic flown with water and acc. used standard exposed to vacuum and pressure. Vessel capacity 150 ltr. Electronic data logging, full automatic circle control.


Dehydration cabinet

Drying cabinet with air circulation, heating, automatic air humidification and climate control for each dryer half. 90mm heat insulation. PC/PLC control system (Windows), Plant visualisation and operation on 10″ colour touch panel. Capacity of testing room ca. 2 x 170 ltr. Air speed stepless adjustable from 1 – 4 m/sec. Wind tunnel cassette.
Easy loading through front doors.

Minimized deployment due to full-automatic and monitoring system. DIN/EN/CE-conform.


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