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Version Standard

Delamination appliance for glued layers Version standard

acc. EN 14080/391/302, JAS 235, ASTM D 2559, AS/NZS 1428 and AITC T110 etc.

Composed of:

– Vacuum / pressure vessel

High-grade steel vessel, TÜV-certified. Electric vacuum pump. Electric pressure pump. Pressure gauge, safety device. Diverse cut-off cocks.
Manual operation of the cycle starts. Pump control with pressure switch. Container frame made from aluminium-profile. Deposit-plate and baseplate in corrugated sheet metal. Unit mobil on rollers.

Testing room:
ca. Ø 400 x 900 mm (d x h), ca. 100 ltr.
ca. 700 x 1250 x 1450 mm (w x l x h).
Option V1:
Electronic data logging and charting of test readings (Windows). Incl. Interface to .
Option V2:
Electrovalve instead of cut-off cocks; fill level sensor; Interface to control system of dehydration cabinet. Software adaption. Full automatic circle control.
Option V3:
Vacuum/pressure vessel 250 ltr. instead 100 ltr.
Option V4:
Lift-/ swivel-out unit for vessel top cover made from special steel.
Option V5:
High-grade steel fence with clamping for locking the samples in the vessel
Option V5A:
Inlaid basket, made from high-grade steel fence. Incl. height-adjustable top cover to fix samples against floating and basket interlock within vessel.
– Dehydration cabinet

Fully automatic drying appliance incl. ventilation, electric heating and moisture control with fresh air / outlet air flaps. Automatic humidification below minimum air humidity. PC/PLC-control system (Windows CE/eXP). Airspeed 2-3 m/sec: Climate + timing according to method A, B or C, EN 14080/391 respectively freely programmable. Climate sensors. Plant visualisation and operation on 12″ colour touch panel.

Testing room:
ca. 925 x 1250 x 380 mm (w x l x h), ca. 450 ltr.
ca. 1025 x 2850 x 1025/1850 mm (w x l x h).
Option T1:
Electronic data logging and charting of test readings (Windows). Storage of the data in office files.
Option T2:
Monitoring system of routine + breakdowns with notification to lab operator via SMS/email.
Option T4:
Air speed stepless adjustable from 1-4 m/sec. Adjustment control through PLC/PC with speed sensor in the air duct. Accuracy: +/- 0,25 m/sec based on 2,0 m/sec at sensor tip. Software adaption.
Option T4A:
Air flow direction reversible. Auto-turnaround by PLC acc. timetable
Option T5:
Wind tunnel cassette. Air deflector acc. to EN 14080/302/391 etc. for canalization of wind flow. Channel width 50 mm, distance 75 mm. Thereby controlled, uniform flow condition in test room entry and along samples. Composed of cassette and u-profile as bracket. Set-up at the right side of testing room. Easy exchange of the cassette by sliding sidewise in to the u-profile possible. Cassettes with different shapes available.
– Accessory

Magnifying lamp, balance, splitting wedge + hammer.
Minimized deployment due to monitoring system and wireless alerts. DIN/EN/CE-conform.

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