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Compare to delamination plants, which are available on the market,
offers trendsetting features:

  • PC- Control system with Touch-Screen.
  • Testing according to EN 302, EN 391 A/BC; JAS 235; ASTM D2559 (without steam); AITC T110 and freely definable own programs up to 19 single-steps.
  • Charting and recording of climate and pressure data.
  • Airspeed closed loop control 1 – 4 m/sek with accuracy of +/- 0,2 m/sek. One fixated, one free placeable sensor.
  • Novel wind tunnel cassette for controlled, uniform air flow condition.
  • New! Reversible air flow. Hereby uniform drying progress within the test room.
  • Full-automatic vessel control system.
  • Alart function via SMS/Email.
  • Permanent weighing of samples inside the cabinet while drying.
  • Extremly quiet operation
  • Electric power savings thanks to intelligent control system of 500 – 1000 EUR/a.

easyQ : Simply Checked!up-to-date, fully automatic; cost-effective

Up-to-date: trendsetting control system based on PC. Accurate closed loop controlled and charting of test figures. The future already built in.

Fully automatic: the appliance can be extended to fully automatic operation.

Cost-effective: The cost-intensive need of staff requirement has been reduced to a minimum. The return on invest of the additional costs fulfill very soon.

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