Process control for timber-industries

Verification of product and production to ensure and improve quality.
We develop and supply test and evaluation equipment.
Quality, processes and efficiency always have potential for improvement.
Improvement of product quality, efficiency of production or establishment of a quality management system.

Our products

Everything you need for quality-conscious manufacturing in the wood industry.

Equipment to perform delamination tests to demonstrate the integrity of the adhesive joint. Long-term weathering simulation through short-term wateringand drying. Scalable test capacity for different production sizes.

Test bench for professional and efficient interpretation and documentation of delamination samples as well as consumption optimization and long-term reporting.

Fully automatic tester for cooking tests to evaluate wood bonding quality. Freely programmable water level control and refilling over days and weeks. Data logging.

innovative, automated, cost-efficient

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Quality assurance has been our core competence for 35 years. Innovation and the constant search for better ways is what drives us every day and secures our worldwide market leadership in the field of laboratory and testing equipment for the wood industry. We would be very proud if we could also inspire your company and bring it forward in the market with our products and ideas.

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