Ultra Compact Delamination Testing System All-in-One

Entry-level delamination test system in ultra compact all-in-one design

Technical data
  • Gewicht: ab 500kg
  • Tiefe: 205cm
  • Breite: 308cm
  • Höhe: 220cm
  • Anschlüsse Werkseitig: Kaltwasser, 3-Phasen 220V
  • Anschlüsse Kundenseitig:
  • CE Konformität

  • Material: Aluminium, Edelstahl
  • Heizleistung: 9KW

Product Highlights

Newly developed ALL-IN-ONE system variant with ultra-compact design and space requirements. Footprint only approx. 1.10 x 2.0 m. Washing and drying are carried out in the same vessel, so that the samples do not have to be transferred between the autoclave and the dryer. Only the autoclave lid has to be opened after the soaking, swung to the side and replaced by a drying hood. This is done in 2 minutes.

The AIO type serves smaller test volumes as well as smaller laboratory budgets, but still operates fully automatically. There is no comparable system with a lower price on the market.

Made in Germany


Plant for delamination testing of adhesive joints. Watering and drying of the specimens in the same container, incl. air circulation and PC/SPS climate control. The relative measure of the open glue joint at the end of the test to the total glue joint length is an indicator of the quality of the adhesive joint and must not exceed specified limits.

Vacuum / pressure vessel

Stainless steel container with dome lid (autoclave), pump and control. The samples are placed in the autoclave, automatically filled with water and subjected to vacuum and pressure according to the applied standard. Vessel capacity 150 ltr. Electronic pressure detection, fully automatic cycle control.

Drying cabinet

Drying cabinet with air circulation, heating, automatic humidification and climate control. 90 mm thermal insulation. PC/SPS control. Test chamber capacity approx. 170 ltr. Fixed air speed of 2.5 m/s +/- 0.5 m/s, wind guide cassette.

Easy loading by means of attached step and insertion of specimens from above.

Minimal manpower required due to fully automatic operation and monitoring system. DIN/EN CE compliant.

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