Test stand for evaluation and documentation of delamination samples
Components: PC with software, online scale, barcode scanner and online camera.Incl. mobile table. Short presentation

Technical data
  • Gewicht: ab 500kg
  • Tiefe: 205cm
  • Breite: 308cm
  • Höhe: 220cm
  • Anschlüsse Werkseitig: Kaltwasser, 3-Phasen 220V
  • Anschlüsse Kundenseitig:
  • CE Konformität

  • Material: Aluminium, Edelstahl
  • Heizleistung: 9KW

Product Highlights

Made in Germany


Capture and archive specimen and component data

Acquisition via online connection of scales, barcode, digital camera and keyboard or interface to delamination easyQ-DLA.


Recording and archiving of test data such as specimen weight, course of soaking and drying, evaluation of delamination. Image documentation of the specimens.
Evaluation of delamination by means of image processing.


Extensive reports such as individual reports, collective reports over freely definable periods (shift/day/week). Customer reports etc.
Export option to Excel.

Frequency distribution

Glue consumption optimization

New: 3D histograms for individual and total delamination as a function of glue quantity.
Future versions will include even more value pairs, e.g. surface roughness – delamination.

With Release 1.6, a new function for displaying the frequency distribution of individual and total delamination as a function of the glue quantity has been implemented.

This makes it possible for the first time to specifically examine the delamination results for different glue quantities.
As far as reduction potential exists, this can now be tapped, and the glue quantity can be reduced and observed in a controlled manner.

Further parameter pairs, e.g. surface roughness – delamination, will follow in one of the future software versions.

Data storage in SQL database.
All work processes are automated as far as possible. Evaluation of delamination optionally with the aid of image processing.

Future software versions

Future software versions will successively cover the complete testing spectrum of the glulam industry:

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