Material Kochtest testing equipment for a wide range of materials (wood, GRP, etc.)

Technical data
  • Gewicht: ab 500kg
  • Tiefe: 205cm
  • Breite: 308cm
  • Höhe: 220cm
  • Anschlüsse Werkseitig: Kaltwasser, 3-Phasen 220V
  • Anschlüsse Kundenseitig:
  • CE Konformität

  • Material: Aluminium, Edelstahl
  • Heizleistung: 9KW

Product Highlights

Made in Germany

Plant components

Cooking tests & functions

Water is heated in a thermally insulated stainless steel tank according to a temperature-time program selectable in the software (touchscreen) and kept at the set temperature for the set time or heated further in the tank if the set temperature is higher than the water temperature supplied.

In the control up to 25 freely definable program steps are possible.
Also a step container emptying as well as cooling is contained.
In the cooling function cold water (minimum temperature = tap water temperature) is supplied to the container.

The water temperature can be selected from approx. 15°C (tap water temperature) to 100°C (boiling).

In order to reduce the heating rate, water is stored in a boiler outside the sample container, heated to 80/85°C, and supplied in a temperature-controlled manner via a mixing battery. This produces water temperatures of 15-80°C, so that only water temperatures above 80°C need to be heated in the vessel.

Drying cabinet

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